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Great article about Coworking Africa 2015 in New Worker Magazine i

Today, the US based New Worker Magazine posted a great article on our upcoming Coworking Africa conference in Cape Town.  

Until now Africa has been considered a small player in the coworking movement. Now, major demographic shifts and a handful of booming tech scenes are creating ideal conditions for the rise of coworking in Africa. A growing number of people across Africa are looking for flexible workspace, from entrepreneurs and independent tech professionals, to teachers and development workers.

Over 100 coworking spaces, tech hubs, business incubators and startup accelerators have opened in Africa in the last two years. Universities, businesses and development agencies are starting to make use of these new spaces.

With the growth of the flexible workspace industry comes Africa’s first conference devoted to the topic. The Coworking Africa conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa on July 23-24 at Cape Town Office,Cape Town Garage, OPEN and The Design Bank. Cape Town is regarded as the capital of coworking in Africa with more than 25 spaces, many of which will be participating.

You can read the whole piece here