Interview of the first Coworking and Tech Incubator in South Sudan

Coworking Africa media partner and friend Smart Monkey TV interviewed Emmanuel Mbisimo, community manager of  jHub.

JHub is the first Technology Hub in Juba, South Sudan.

The project born in 2015.

« jHUB will be home for the youth to give them access to a Coworking space, electricity, high-speed Internet as well as mentorship and business development skills« , according to TechMoran.

In the video interview, Emmanuel explains how it was launched out of a Peace Hack Camp; the events its has organised; its Open Solar event; the kind of start-ups it’s fostering; and the importance of peace for more start-ups to develop.dd.

As other TechHubs in Africa, jHub aims to contribute to build up a community taking part in the re-construction of South Sudan.

Here it is :

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  1. j-HUB aims to create a future beyond conflict through being cross cultural and inclusive (A value in its community charter) It also offers conducive learning and co-working spaces for the south sudanese youth…. The week j-hub invite the public to its event #JubaConnect, a social networking event that seeks to provide a podium for companys and orgs to find new partner opportunities and build social and mutual enduring business relationships…
    Jaiksana, south sudan

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